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North Los Angeles County Regional Center (NLACRC) is a private, non-profit social service agency that provides services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. Our focus is on understanding and meeting our client’s needs, while helping them make independent choices. Join us in creating a positive difference in the lives of persons with developmental disabilities.

Thank you for your interest in employment with NLACRC. Welcome to NLACRC's employment page. You must complete an online application for any position(s) open or you can submit your application to Your application will be retained for consideration for open positions. A Human Resources Representative will contact you if we are able to offer you an interview. If you have questions or encounter any difficulties completing your online application, please contact Human Resources at (818) 778-1900 for assistance.

The information below is subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact the NLACRC human resources department.


Resource Developer (Job#39)
1, Resource Developer, Van Nuys, English Only
Field phone inquiries from individuals/agencies seeking to be vendored. Generates, coordinates and screens, Request for Proposals for targeted Resource Development. Works with vendors on creating the development of resources that meets the needs of our consumers. Consults with Consumer Services staff, assists in resolution of complex service planning issues and resource identification for consumers. Investigates, documents, reviews, analyzes and tracks vendor applications and ensures compliance with vendorization requirements and time lines as outlined in Title 17. Receive and screen written requests, licenses, and certifications; verify qualifications of vendor applicants. Meet with prospective vendor applicants to discuss their qualifications and proposed program. Provide technical assistance regarding steps toward program development and vendorization. Make visits to review prospective facility sites in the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley areas, and provide feedback to vendor applicants re: suitability of facility/site for proposed programs. Receive and review program designs. Request revisions if necessary and work with vendor to create a final program design which meets Title 17 requirements. Recommend approval or denial of vendor application and program design. Review and organize vendor file documents to ensure completeness. Enter new vendor information into electronic database systems. Write new program resource announcements and distribute to NLACRC staff. Write letters to vendors regarding vendor status and service delivery issues. Provide quality assurance support to service providers in this program, including program monitoring, problem identification and exploration, complaint investigation, and group and individual training. Conducts and provides technical assistance to providers for program issues and reviews program policy and procedures for risk mitigation. Assists QA staff and case management in performing investigations. Write detailed reports of evaluation findings, advises service providers on implementing corrective actions, follow-up on implementation. Conducts rate review and analysis on vendor cost statements. Assist team in review of audit materials. Provide input regarding new program development and new program costs, rate changes for the Sufficiency of Allocation Report (SOAR). Provide input and recommendations to service development agreements and other contracts as needed. Facilitate approval processes between all parties for service development agreements. Attend interagency meetings and represent NLACRC. Facilitate trainings, workshops and fairs in partnership with outside agencies, school districts, and vendors. Coordinate, conduct and/or participate in in-service trainings and/or orientation trainings for internal and external customers (staff and vendors). Maintain knowledge of current regulations affecting vendorization requirements, rate setting practices (Title 17, Title 22, Lanterman Act). Investigate and cite statute and regulation as needed. Completes all other assigned duties as needed. Knowledge: Developmental disabilities, service provision techniques, resource development, current values and best practices in service delivery especially in regards to residential resources, current regulatory information. Skills: Decision making, collaborative problem resolution, comprehending and communicating complex information, professional written and verbal communications, ability to work effectively with people from a variety of cultures. Basic skills and experience in word processing, drafting professional correspondence, accounting, review and analysis of written documents. Ability to facilitate trainings and conduct professional presentations. Proficiency in numerous standard MS Office Suite software programs and ability to learn new software applications for contracts and database tracking as needed. Education & Experience: A Bachelor’s degree in a related field and four (4) years of related experience. A Master’s degree in a related subject may be substituted for two years of general related experience. Reliable transportation, valid CDL and acceptable driving record (or acceptable substitute) required. Salary: $3,621 to $4,982 per month. Click here to apply for Resource Developer

1, Consumer Services Support, Transition, Antelope Valley, English Only (Job#95)
1, Consumer Services Support, School Age VI, Van Nuys, English Only (Job#344)
Performs routine and complex clerical and support work. Receives calls from consumers, families, others, obtains and records pertinent information, refers or responds to requests. Provides support to service coordinators and management staff. Types/inputs documents and records. Maintains a variety of records, including files, computer databases and activity logs. Performs a variety of clerical and support tasks, including filing, copying, telephone or reception coverage, meeting set-up and coordination, scheduling appointments, preparing and obtaining case materials and communicating with consumers, families, service providers and other agencies. Provides support to other Secretaries, as needed. Receives general supervision from supervisor. Knowledge of intermediate proficiency utilizing MS Word (to include mail merge), Excel, PowerPoint and various databases. Usage of appropriate grammar, and syntax and standard office practices. Some positions require knowledge of medical and psychological terminology. Skills include accurate and rapid typing, computer usage, (transcription may be required for some positions), customer service on telephone and/or in person, organization, meeting deadlines, following written and verbal instructions. Must be able to adapt to new technologies in support of their duties and responsibilities. Requires a graduation from high school and two years of related clerical experience. Salary: $2,192 to $3,016 per month.
Click here to apply for Secretary - Antelope Valley
Click here to apply for Secretary - Van Nuys

Contract & Compliance Supervisor (Job#22)
1, Community Services I, Van Nuys, English Only
Responsible for ensuring delivery of quality information and services in assigned unit. Administers agency contracts, monitors compliance with regulations, HIPPA complaints and manages Whistleblower complaints. Receives supervision from the Community Services Director (“CSD”) and provides supervision to Community Services Specialists.
Contract Administration/Consumer Services:
• Assigns, reviews and approves work of unit staff members. Advises staff on resolution of complex service issues.
• Represents the unit and/or company in dealings with service providers, other community and governmental agencies, community groups.
• Hires, trains, directs and evaluates unit staff.
• Provides intra- and inter-departmental leadership in service planning and provision, participates in company management team, may serve as staff support for Board of Trustees’ committees and may be assigned to serve as senior staff in supervisor’s absence.
• Provides recommendations to the CSD or M4 of new or revised contract language for the Center’s contracts with service providers, individuals, and entities.
• Upon direction from the CSD, may interface with outside legal counsel on the development of contractual language for the Center’s contracts with service providers, individuals, and entities.
• Under the general direction of the CSD, administers various contracts for the agency.
• Identifies current contractual language needing updates to remain current with regulations and statutes.
• Executes outcomes from contract negotiations into contractual language.
• Provides recommendations to the CSD and M4 management team on pending contract negotiations.
• Develops and maintains a tracking system for contract versions.
• Ensures that all departments are utilizing the most current version of contracts.

HIPAA Compliance:
• Monitors contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements under the HIPAA laws, NLACRC’s contract with Department of Developmental Services’ (“DDS”), Welfare & Institutions Code, or California Code of Regulations, Title17, and applies the requirements to contracts in accordance with the Center’s mission, vision and values.
• Manages all aspects of privacy breaches in accordance with HIPAA laws and works with outside counsel as required.
• Reports HIPAA breaches to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) within the required time frames established by the Center’s contract with DDS.
• Tracks, investigates, and recommends / implements solutions to all privacy breaches.
• Under the direction of the CSD and in coordination with the CFO and HIPAA Compliance Officer, creates HIPAA privacy and security processes and procedures for recommendation to the M-4 management team.
• Establishes and administers a process for receiving, documenting, tracking, investigating, and taking action on all privacy breaches.

Whistleblower Complaint Administration:
• Under the general direction of the CSD, and in coordination with the Human Resources Director, manages the receipt, investigation, tracking and solution process for Whistleblower complaints involving service providers in accordance with the Center’s policies and procedures, DDS’s policies and procedures, regulations, and statutes.
• Establishes and administers a process for receiving, documenting, tracking, investigating, and taking action on all whistleblower complaints involving service providers.
• Gathers facts and interviews witnesses related to investigations of whistleblower complaints involving service providers. Once the investigation is complete, makes recommended solutions for consideration of the CSD.

Vendorization Compliance, Investigation and Administration:
• Monitors contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements under NLACRC’s contract with Department of Developmental Services’ (“DDS”), Welfare & Institutions Code, and California Code of Regulations, Title17, to ensure service provider compliance with vendorization.
• Under the general direction of the CSD, and in coordination with the Community Services Supervisors, manages the receipt, investigation, tracking and solution process for complaints involving service providers that may be out of compliance with their vendorization in accordance with the Center’s policies and procedures, DDS’s policies and procedures, regulations, and statutes.
• Establishes and administers a process for receiving, documenting, tracking, investigating, and taking action on all complaints involving service provider vendorization compliance.
• Gathers facts and interviews witnesses related to investigations of vendorization compliance involving service providers. Once the investigation is complete, makes recommended solutions for consideration of the CSD.

General Duties:
• Participates on Risk Assessment Committee.
• Conducts investigations.
• Develops, maintains and delivers reports as directed by the CSD.
• Keeps current with changes in regulations, statute, or contract language affecting the Center’s operations and implements and communicates revised policies and procedures accordingly.
• Prepares periodic board reports on service provider HIPAA privacy breaches and Whistleblower complaints.
• Prepares Board Contract Resolutions, as required, and tracks all contracts presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.
• Drafts communications to internal and external audiences related to contracts, HIPAA breaches, Whistleblower complaints, and service provider vendorization compliance.

Knowledge: Developmental disabilities; Regional center (or related company) practices; Computer usage; Management and supervisory principles and practices. Expert knowledge of compliance procedures. Experience administering and maintaining contracts; Management and responding to complaints and investigations.

Skills: Decision making; Analysis of complex material; Oral and written presentation; Clear communication of complex material; Staff development and leadership; Working effectively with diverse groups of people; Excellent critical thinking skills; Intermediate proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite of products, particularly Excel, Word, and Outlook; Excellent follow through, attention to detail and good customer service skills; Familiarity with the use of legalese; The ability to remain objective while conducting investigations.

Education & Experience Required:
• Master’s degree required in relevant field.
• 5-7 years of increasing responsibility in a legal, regulatory or broad-based corporate compliance field. 2-3 years of management experienced required.
• 3-5 years’ experience creating, developing and maintaining Contract and Compliance systems or a minimum of 1 year direct experience with contract compliance in a regional center setting.
• Knowledge of HIPAA regulations.
• 1-2 years’ experience investigation Whistleblower complaints.
• Contracts Database Preferred (SharePoint).
• Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) certification preferred.
Local travel required. Reliable transportation and valid CDL (or substitute) required. 
Click here to apply for Contract & Compliance Supervisor

Revenue Coordinator (Job#378)
1, Accounting, Van Nuys, English Only
Apply for consumer benefits with Social Security Administration and Medi-cal, process third-party consumer revenues, analyze consumer trust accounts including receipts and disbursements, and complete various reports due to third-party funding agencies. Receives general supervision from the Audit and Revenue Supervisor. Apply for third-party benefits on behalf of consumers such as Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income and Medi-Cal. Complete annual reports that must be submitted to Social Security Administration and Medi-Cal. Manage and reconcile accounts receivables from third-party funding sources such as Social Security Administration and Medi-Cal. Reconcile cash receipts against accounts receivables. Manage and reconcile outstanding loans to consumers. Maintain and manage consumer trust accounts. Review, analyze and reconcile consumer trust accounts and make necessary adjustments if needed. Review and process disbursements from consumer trust accounts, and verify receipts for disbursements made from consumer trust accounts. Prepare account reconciliation reports for consumer trust accounts. Provide resource information on third-party benefits and trust accounts to other department staff, service providers, consumers and families. Maintain consumer files and database. Perform general and complex department support work. Knowledge: Basic accounting principles and procedures, government funding practices, computer database programs, Microsoft Excel and general office practices. Skills: Ability to reconcile complex sub-ledger accounts. Comprehending, interpreting and communicating complex governmental regulations, accurate record keeping and data analysis, computer operation, accurate typing, follow through and attention to detail, good (telephone) customer service. Education & Experience: Associate of Arts degree in Accounting or related field and three years of experience in accounting. Experience with a third-party funding agency such as Social Security Administration or Medi-Cal a plus. Salary: $2,450 to $3,369 per month. Click here to apply for Revenue Coordinator

Fair Hearing and Administrative Procedures Manager (Job#298)
1, Contract Administration, Van Nuys, English Only 
This exempt position plans, organizes, conducts and supervises the Administrative Hearing process. Ensure Regional Center is in compliance with the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, Fair Hearing and Complaint Procedures. Receives direction from the Executive Director, directs management of the Risk Assessment and Educational Advocacy programs and provides general supervision to the Risk Assessment Supervisor, Contract Officer, and support staff.

• Supervises and responds to Fair Hearing and Due Process Hearing requests, including research informal decisions, representation in mediation, preparing hearing materials, communicating with outside legal counsel, and representing NLACRC at hearings. May recommend service policy or procedure modifications, trains appropriate staff on approved changes.
• Proposes policy on Administrative Hearing process, develops and disseminates procedures for implementation of approved policies.
• Ensures delivery of an effective Risk Assessment program, in compliance with contract and regulatory provisions. Oversees the functions of the Center’s Risk Management, Assessment and Planning Committee. Ensures provision of Educational Advocacy services.
• Responds to and investigates consumer rights complaints (W&I Code, Section 4731), Early Start Complaints and Citizens Complaints, as assigned by the Executive Director.
• Responds to all Title 17 service provider matters on behalf of the agency.
• Responds to fiscal audit, vendor and facility appeals, and legal actions involving the regional center, as assigned by the Executive Director.
• Conducts New Staff Orientation and ongoing training with staff regarding the Fair Hearing procedure, 4731 complaint process, educational advocacy, Early Start, Title 17 and the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act. Provides staff/unit-specific training regarding application of the Lanterman Act and/or governing regulations to case management issues.
• Provides consultation and direction to Regional Center employees with regards to discharging all job duties related to service coordination, risk assessment and education advocacy.
• Analyzes hearing/appeal results, prepares and presents statistical and analytical reports on activities. May represent the agency or serve as liaison to governmental and community agencies, boards and committees, outside groups.
• Participates in leadership groups, as assigned. May serve as or represent other management level staff, when assigned.

Knowledge: California developmental services system, Regional Center internal operations (particularly in the area of eligibility and service delivery), administrative principles and practices, previous case management experience, California Code of Regulations (Title 17 and Title 22), California Early Intervention Services Act (Title 14), Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, management and supervisory principles and practices. Whistleblower Complaints, 4731 Complaint Process, and Fair and Due process Hearing experience.

Software: Microsoft Suite, Sandis

Skills: Research, critical analysis, conflict mediation and resolution. Decision making in the administration of program and/or service standards. Interpretation and application of complex governmental directives, including California statute and regulation. Strong oral and written communications.
Education & Experience Required:
• Master’s Degree in Social Work or related subject (LCSW, ASCW or MFCC desirable), or a Juris Doctorate from an accredited law school and a minimum of 2 years of increasingly responsible professional experience (after graduation) in a closely related human services setting.
• Minimum of (5) years of increasingly responsible professional experience (after graduation) in a related setting, including at least 3 years as a manager or supervisor.
• Developing and managing budgets.
• Experience in administrative hearings.
• Training in a diverse adult learning environment.
• Ability to assess new and changing regulations and communicate the impact to senior management; develop recommendations for corresponding changes to the agency’s business practices.
• Understands team dynamics which will lead to the successful development of an annual Resource Development plan created with input from supervisors, senior management and Board of Trustee committee members.
• Senior manager who is skilled in strategic planning, influencing others, and supporting organizational change.
The Fair Hearing and Administrative Procedures Manager will work out of our San Fernando Valley office and travel to our branch offices located in the Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley on an as needed basis. 
Click here to apply for the Fair Hearing and Administrative Procedures Manager

Service Coordinator
1, School Age V, Van Nuys, English Only (Job#153)
1, Transition, Santa Clarita, English Only (Job#228)
1, Adult II, Van Nuys, English Only (Job#248)
1, School Age III, Van Nuys, Bilingual English/Spanish (Job#264)
1, School Age I, Van Nuys, English Only (Job#380)
Initiate and receive contacts with consumers and families. Work independently to provide information and/or training on service issues, develop service plans in collaboration with consumers and families, manage the funding approval process, follow through (or direct others in follow through) on service plan implementation and evaluation. Document work, maintain case records. May lead or staff support groups, represent the agency in dealings with other agencies or service providers. Requires excellent listening, communication, good writing skills, good customer service, and the ability to work effectively with a variety of people. Early childhood development of infant or toddler, identify and navigate generic services, and monitor the developmental progress of the infant or toddler experience is required. Most positions require regular local travel. A valid CDL and use of vehicle or acceptable substitute required. BA in a related subject plus two years of post-related experience or MA in a related subject required. (One year of post related experience after BA will be considered and if selected will have starting salary of $3,272 per month or Step A.) Regular Salary: $3,436 $4,724 per month, plus $150 bilingual payment, if applicable. 
Click here to apply for Service Coordinator - Van Nuys
Click here to apply for Service Coordinator - Santa Clarita

North Los Angeles County Regional Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


Intake - Contract/Vendor
We have immediate opportunities for licenced ASW, MSW, LCSW or MFT as independent contractors (“vendors”) to perform initial assessments for children and adults who are applying for services from the center. Although applicants will be considered from all areas, there is a specific need in the San Fernando Valley and for bilingual (English/ Spanish).
Job Description:
Individual will performs initial social assessments for applicants requesting services from NLACRC to assess in multi-disciplinary eligibility determination process. An applicant is eligible for services if they have a developmental disability, defined in California law and regulation as handicapping mental retardation, autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, conditions similar to mental retardation. Meets with pediatric or adult applicants for regional center services at NLACRC offices or, if needed, at other locations such as hospitals, facilities, forensic facilities. Conducts comprehensive assessment of an applicant’s, social, medical, family, developmental, behavioral, psychological, psychiatric and educational history including clinical observation of behavioral, psychological condition and assessment of adaptive functioning. May answer questions about developmental disabilities, regional center services and eligibility process. May provide referral information for applicable outside community agencies if indicated. Provides written report in a timely fashion. The report will be used to determine eligibility for services as part of interdisciplinary evaluation. Collaboration with Regional Center staff, including physicians, psychologists, social workers. Knowledge of developmental or related disabilities including autism, social service provision, Regional Center (or related agency) practices; basic knowledge of medical, psychological, psychiatric and developmental diagnosis. Skills includes decision making; ability to interpret and communicate complex clinical material; pediatric and adult assessment, , customer service, strong verbal and written communication/ presentation skills. Must work effectively with diverse groups of people. Requires a Master’s degree in a related subject and three years of related professional experience. A current California license, as an Associate clinical social worker (ASW), licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), licensed educational psychologist (LEP), Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). Travel is required. Valid CDL and reliable transportation, or acceptable substitute, required. Position is an independent contractor, and schedule is variable. Referrals are not guaranteed. No employee benefits are provided. Contractor required having their own professional liability insurance. Mileage for travel is not reimbursed. Contractor is provided a flat fee per assessment. All contract positions are open until filled, unless otherwise noted.
Please submit a letter of interest and resume to:
Attention: Psychological Services
North Los Angeles County Regional Center
15400 Sherman Way, Suite 170
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Fax: (818) 756-6461



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